Om RIOS1931 Uremme

Om RIOS1931

When you purchase a RIOS1931 watch strap you are acquiring a high quality craft product. Since the foundation of our company by watchmaker Oswald Riemer in 1931, we have always used the Swiss full-bugg technique. Then as now, this is a method designed to ensure the highest level of quality.
As a family business in its third generation, we still have the same philosophy as originally defined by Oswald Riemer: »Preserve skilled craftsmanship while focusing on fashion and meeting the technical requirements of the day.« The combination of traditional, handcrafted perfection while constantly
evolving has made the watch straps of RIOS1931 a unique
product worldwide.

The guarantee for the consistently high quality of our watch straps is given by the business location itself - Germany. We still train our employees ourselves, in our workshop. During the years of training, they acquire the expertise necessary to make a RIOS1931 watch strap.
It takes a trained eye and a great deal of skill to select the materials needed for the production of our watch straps. We use only the highest grades of leather available. You can be sure of a luxury product of the highest quality, authenticity and longevity when purchasing an RIOS1931 strap.

Making high-quality watch straps is a craft that is still very present and alive. We aspire to maintain the original values of the business and to preserve traditional handicraft techniques. With an RIOS1931 watch strap, you are giving your watch a touch of the original in a world of mass production and ever more uniformity.

Kærlighed for kvalitet - We dedicate a great deal of time to making our watch straps. The leather is elaborately processed by hand in the manner of traditional leather craftsmanship. Gentle procedures guarantee you natural, environmentally-friendly, leather products - each one representing a unique masterpiece.


Stitch to stitch by hand
In contrast to machine sewing, the handstitched or saddler's seam uses only a single thread, which is drawn manually from one side to the other with two needles alternately. This creates a particularly even stitch pattern. It takes approximately 40 minutes to produce such a seam, which gives a watch strap a longer service life compared to machine stitching. An exact hand seam requires all the skill of a master leather artisan and thus represents a piece of the finest craftsmanship 

Securing the lining of the RIOS1931 from the first stitch. - The RIOS1931 hand-sewn loop. - The RIOS1931 locking stitching at the buckle, hand-sewn and knotted on the inside through a pin hole.

Remborde / Full-bugg strap - approx. 140 production steps

In the production of a remborde or full-bugg strap, the upper leather is folded under a breathable, natural cotton fleece and then glued in place. The folded upper layer is glued to the lining leather as far down as the fabric fibres to prevent penetration by bacteria. Finally, all the layers are stitched together. The RIOS1931 full-bugg strap is softer, similar to a »Goodyear welted« or »frame-stitched« shoe, but at the same time more stable and long lasting.

Remborde / Full-bugg strap »Art Manuel« - approx. 172 production steps

The high-end »Art Manuel« technique used for the RIOS1931 full-bugg strap is similar to a »Goodyear welted« or »frame-stitched« shoe, with an additional leather sheath. The strap is then embossed; the edges are smoothed with heat, sanded down and painted 5 times with edge dye. The loops are hand stitched. Many of the »Art Manuel« models also have true saddle stitching (hand seam).







Alle remmene har et model nummer, en farve kode og en størrelse.

De første 2 eller 3 tal er model nr.Fra model nr. 20 (Ecco) til 599 (Juri)
De næste 2 tal er farvekodenfra 1 (Hvid) til 30 (Grafit)
De sidste tal er størrelsen på remmenstørrelse 6mm til 30mm i bredde
Det sidste bokstav er størrelsen på remmens længe: (S)Small - (M)Medium - (L)(Large) Small kunne være 104 & 72 mm lang
Medium kunne være 114 & 82 mm lang
Large kunne være 116 & 86 mm lang